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2012-02-09 13:21:16 by Spartan500

WTF NEWGROUNDS?? SERIOUSLY! resent my icons and heading! fuckin dicks!! >:(

thats all for now

so guess where i have been

2012-01-19 14:13:00 by Spartan500

well i've been on Deviant Art, yea i think it's much better there.

i got more art and stuff on there too, so you can go and check it out if you want. My profile is right there.

i really do think deviant art is better than newgrounds, but then again i wouldn't know of the "took an arrow to the knee". i was totally right though before when i left, newgrounds became dull, and even with me sorta back i don't think it's going to have the same feel or former glory.

spartan is here

2012-01-09 18:47:05 by Spartan500

yup, been a long time, wassup you faggots

My profile is not much for now. I like deviant art, any one else have an account? Recently people havnt been posting too much on my news posts, perhaps i have to go on a trolling spree to let every one know im back, i think every one forgot who i am....

420 FTW

i have a deviant art account now


2010-12-02 17:05:00 by Spartan500

i find it rather funny that no one dared to volunteer themselves for training. Im surprised no one else wants to take the path of a god, i mean srysly. Any ways, im thinking about making a devian art profile, maybe i'll pick uyp drawing, right now i suck though, im man enough to say that. Also, this is now a question post, you ask a question, i answer it. I dont care what the question is.

Ren & Stimpy as Jay and Silent Bob FTW


lemme retry this

2010-11-29 12:23:06 by Spartan500

once again, i posted a forum on the BBS and it got deleted, though i got no notification or ban or any thing. meh, i dont care.

any ways what i posted was a place that i can make recruits to be "spartans", few will survive the training, this isn't for the weak minded or the full of heart, internet trolls of this caliber are not like any other. So, ye who dost think thy have the skill, PM me.

Also, Blaziken FTW

lemme retry this

you know whats weird?

2010-11-23 13:18:44 by Spartan500

i actually kinda missed newgrounds. though im quite sure the way overkilled penis jokes are still around, i kinda miss seeing people shit them selves every time i popup. any one find alex shelly yet? did she/he disappear? one way or another im bored as hell.

oddly enough, pokemon has been my drug, lol i think its funny how i destroyed people for being pokefags, now i'm one of them, well, i always have been, but thats been a secret, and i didnt play it as much before.

also, i got batman arkham asylum a little wile back, its actually one of my favorite games, its right next to resistance 2.

you know whats weird?

this is not a dream of being a faggot astronaught, sorry to dissapoint you all. This is my dream, my revolution, more spartans will roam the internets, no longer will i be the only one of my kind. Me and my spartans will bring a hole new fear to the internets, an unstoppable army that does what it wants when it wants.

any one scared? Any one think that just one spartan was enough?


2010-05-06 19:39:32 by Spartan500

looking at my past i can see how big of a n00b i was. the days have changed. Any one miss the days? oh, BTW, i decided to make this an "ill answer every single question" posts.

congratulation steel chair you just falcon punched vampirelord7890, and you have gained three epic wins! NO ONE MESSES WITH THE SPARTAN!!!! :D